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Support and Feed takes action for a global shift to an equitable, plant-based food system to combat food insecurity and the climate crisis. Support and Feed has chosen Citizen-T as their sustainability partner for merchandise.

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Meet Maggie

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My interest in plant based eating began over 40 years ago thanks to a t-shirt linking the destruction of the Amazon rainforest to cattle. My brain made the connection between diet and the environment. Scientists and experts were predicting future dangers from climate change, in part due to animal agriculture, yet the media and governments were not seriously addressing the danger. Climate anxiety, environmental concerns, and veganism became part of my DNA.

As we learned more about the complexities of food insecurity and the effects of systemic racism on the food system, we shifted our focus to addressing food apartheid. The Summer of 2020 was a wakeup call for many, including me. Our mission, and my own personal drive, grew even more urgent. It was clear that plant based food was missing from most food programs, and that people wanted it. More recipients lined up early to receive our meals than for any other offerings. Folks who had never eaten plant based food requested information about the benefits.


We believe that together, we can make a profound, life-changing impact. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for caring.


Thank you for taking action!