Styling Your Citizen-T: Reworked Jackets

Updated: Apr 28

Jackets are classic staples in our closets, and something we can’t live without. With our unique and one-of-a kind jackets, we can guarantee that they’ll turn your outfit chic, while also keeping us midwesterners warm!


Wearing a Citizen-T revamped jacket can make any outfit elite- whether you're working, meeting friends, or just running errands, we can guarantee your outfit won't disappoint. To keep things more casual during the day, we like to pair our jackets with jeans, leggings, flared pants, or any other relaxed look. Since the jacket is the center of the outfit, we like to dial things back with a simple sneaker or boot to complete the look!

Night out

We think our jackets are made for nights out, and styling options are endless! For a night-out-in-the-city vibe, we love pairing a dress, skirt, leather pants, or trousers with a simple boot, heel, or sneaker.

Styling jackets is fun, and we hope we've inspired you to elevate your style with our one-of-a-kind jackets for daytime and nights out. Shop our one-of-a-kind jackets here!

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